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Welcome to the wonderful world of bottle slumping! A slumped bottle is a unique and creative item that could be given as a gift or used as a condiment, nut, or candy tray on your bar or cocktail table. There are literally endless ideas for their use. I have never given one as a give that didn't result in another sale as everyone immediately identifies another person whom they know that would feel tickled to receive one. It is guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipients' face.


My introduction to this began about a year ago while out of town and I noticed one of these filled with M&Ms at my host's home. I inquired about the origins and she explained that a friend made it. Soon thereafter, I aquired the neccessary equipment and began making them myself.


One of my personal contacts resulted in a plentiful supply of empty bottles (about 50 weekly) and I set up shop in my home. I primarily do vodka (Grey Goose, Belvedere and Absolut) bottles along with Crown Royal, Royal Canadian, and Special Reserve Whisky bottles. I also do Corona and Rolling Rock bottles for beer enthusiasts. Many bottle slumpers do wine bottles, which I will gladly do upon request, but try to limit due to the label removal and repasting issues. If slumped correctly, the bottles can be used as cigar ashtrays/holders, and I currently supply cigar stores with bottles for their customers.


Due to my unfortunate disabling disease (Multiple Sclerosis), I am limited from extreme stressful careers and I retired from 25 years as an investment manager and by chance discovered the slumping craft.


As you will see illustrated throughout my website, bottles can be slumped curved or flat to be used as cutting boards or hung on the wall behind your bar, in a pool table room or recreation room.


The creativity of uses are endless and I invite you to contact me with any questions or requests you may have.


Thank you for visiting my website.


Bill Romano





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